Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

A while back, you had a hunt on your hands if you wanted to deposit bitcoin at an online casino. Not so today, though - more online casinos than ever are accepting bitcoin as a form of payment.

Better still, there are plenty of great bonuses you can claim if you're new to a casino, or if you're already a member and you want to use bitcoin. We've got info on all the biggest and best bitcoin casino bonuses around right now. You won't miss a thing if you bookmark this page - this ensures you'll always be able to check out the latest bonuses around.

Welcome bonuses

These are also known as signup bonuses. if you haven't yet joined a casino and you're thinking of doing so, look to see if they offer a welcome bonus. You may be lucky and get a no-deposit bonus, but it is more common with bitcoin bonuses to get a welcome bonus when you make your first bitcoin deposit. However, thanks to our comprehensive guide, you'll know where the best deals are in just a few moments.

Some fiat casinos also offer a bonus on your first bitcoin deposit. We've included details of these below, so you know exactly where to go to get the best deals. The higher the match bonus, the better. Most have a maximum redeem value, along with a playthrough percentage clearly shown in the details of the offer. Be sure to use a bonus code if one is provided; this ensures you will receive the deal you are aiming to get.

Loyalty bonuses

The longer you stay with a casino, the better the bonuses can be. Some casinos have requirements that must be met before you qualify for these bonuses. Others merely require you to be a member for a certain length of time. More casinos now offer bitcoin loyalty bonuses alongside regular loyalty bonuses.

Reload bonuses

If you're already a member of a casino, don't worry that you might miss out on some great promotions. If a site offers reload bonuses, it means you will get a bonus whenever you make a bitcoin deposit. The more you deposit, the better the bonus should be.

High roller bonuses

The biggest bonuses are reserved for those who make the biggest bitcoin deposits. If you play regularly and deposit large amounts, look out for online casinos that offer high roller bonuses. The percentage given can be higher than 100% in some instances. Choose your casino wisely and you could receive some cool bitcoin bonuses with pleasing regularity.

Top tip: Choose an online casino that offers a mix of bitcoin bonuses

Getting a great welcome bonus is lovely when you first join. But it's good to know there are future bonuses you can claim, too. Find an online casino that provides a mix of some or all the above bonus types and you'll make the most of the bitcoin bonuses around right now.