Casino Rival

Chances are you are more than familiar with Casino Rival. You may even have visited a casino or two that falls into this category? But hang on – a casino or two? Aren’t we talking about a single casino here?

No, because there are a handful of casinos online today that are Rival-powered – that is, powered by Rival software. And that means these casinos have easy access to some of the best slot games around, because they are created by – you guessed it – Rival Gaming.

So, what can you expect from Casino Rival entities? Let’s find out more here.

Welcome bonuses are par for the course

If you love getting a nice welcome bonus for joining a casino, you will be thrilled to see these are commonplace among Rival casinos. You can check out the many great deals available when you surf along to these websites.

Oh, and don’t assume the deals end there. Many Casino Rival titles have ongoing promotions too. Some of these relate to days of the week, while others are good for whenever you meet their requirements. This is sounding good, are we right?

Impressive slots – including i-Slots

Rival casinos are known for their i-Slots titles – games that are designed to be more immersive and interactive than others. They also provide themed slots we’re sure you will enjoy, and Rival has released sequels to some of its most popular games as well.

It may surprise you to learn the number of Casino Rival titles is limited – purely because Rival demands only the very best from their partners in the world of online casinos. That is great news for you, because you can rely on a lot of these casinos delivering the best service you could want.

Many Rival titles are also free to try out before you play them for real. And what better place to do that than at a casino packed full of their titles?

Discover Casino Rival websites now to get a fresh look at online gaming

It couldn’t get better than this. With lots of Rival slots around and lots of superb games to look forward to, playing at a Casino Rival outlet seems to be the best choice. If you haven’t done so yet, explore the options now and choose a site that offers you a chance to play the games that have become well-known online. You’ll soon realize why.

Finding and enjoying the best Rival slots online today

That sounds like a challenge it would be great to meet! Rival slots come in many shapes and sizes, but you can never tell which ones are going to be your best ones. It’s true that some slots are popular among more players, while others tend to be good to play for a while but have never caught the imagination in the same way.

That’s why trying as many Rival slots as you can is a great idea. It helps you find the ones you would like to play more often. It also helps you weed out the ones you are not as keen on. Check out the demos of some Rival slots and make a list of the ones you like most (or favorite them if you can).

Lots of Rival online casinos to choose from

The Rival software is powering many online casinos today. You might be surprised how many familiar casinos use this brand to support their services to players. Some casinos are based only on that software, while others supply games from one or two (or more) other providers as well. This is good to look out for, because you get a wider game selection if you go for one of those.

You should also consider other elements of the Rival casinos you can try. What kinds of bonuses do they offer? Do they have any tournaments to enter? Which other games are included alongside the slots? All these elements will help you figure out which games are the best ones to play.

Looking out for Rival bonuses to make your time even better

You can begin by seeing if any of these casinos have a free chip you can use. Sometimes called a no deposit bonus code, this gives you the opportunity to start playing while using casino funds rather than your own. You should then see how generous their welcome package is. This could potentially cover one or more deposit bonuses, so see what is available and how big the percentage bonus is in each case.

There are other bonuses too at many casinos, such as birthday bonuses, reload bonuses, and even cashback bonuses. You might even spot a refer-a-friend program to take advantage of.

How often are new slots released by Rival Gaming?

You can count on discovering many new slot releases coming up each year. Oftentimes, there could be one or more released each month, but it does depend on what they have in the pipeline. You certainly won’t ever need to go more than a few weeks without seeing something new from Rival.

Finding slots for USA players

If you live in the USA, you might know that some casinos don’t allow US-based players to sign up to use their services. However, there are some Rival casinos that do allow players from America to join. If you find one of these casinos, you should see lots of the Rival Gaming slots ready to play there. You can try these in practice mode first, as we mentioned earlier, allowing you to find your preferred slots for American players to try.

What about looking for some slots for UK players?

Just as some casinos welcome USA players, some also accept players from the UK. Again, look through the Rival casino list to see which ones do accept those living in the United Kingdom. You can then decide which one you like most and which one has the most appeal for you. All Rival slots should appear in each Rival-powered casino anyway, so it is merely a case of finding the best one for you.

Pokies Australia: What are they and can you still play Rival pokies?

Pokies aren’t a million miles away from slots. In fact, they are the same thing. Australians just like to call their slot machines pokies. We think it is a cute name!

Australian players have a good selection of Aussie-friendly Rival casinos to look through if they want to sign up to one to play their games. The pokies are just one part of the available game area, but they are undoubtedly the favorite area. You’ll find lots of pokies from Rival Gaming to check out.

Why should you always start a new game by trying the games demo?

All Rival games include a demo – a version that is identical to the real thing, but which does not include the requirement to bet real amounts on it. These versions have demo credits locked inside them. You can use these credits to place bets, but those bets would only result in credit wins rather than real wins.

However, these versions of those games do give you the opportunity to see how everything works. Since some Rival slots are more complex than others, it is a great way to figure out which ones you like best, and to work out how to play them all.

What are games RTP and how could it affect which Rival slots you play?

RTP – three letters that are connected to every slot game (in fact every casino game) you might ever encounter. Those letters stand for ‘return to player’ and they show the amount of the total revenue taken by a game that is returned in prize money.

The percentage should be as high as possible from your point of view. If a game has an RTP of 98.5%, it means 98.5 cents in every dollar goes into the prize fund to be paid out to participating players who match winning combos in that game. If the game had an RTP of 95%, only 95 cents in every dollar would be returned in this way.

The RTP is calculated over the life of a game rather than over a session or other shorter period. This means you cannot rely on it being relevant to the time you play for. However, it is still a valid means of seeing how generous a game is. It makes sense to select Rival slots with the biggest RTPs you can find.

Mobile play is becoming more popular every day

It’s no wonder either, since mobile devices have become more powerful over recent years. They may have smaller screens, but the sharpness of the graphics makes it easy to see even the most detailed images. The games are also designed with different controls, so while those controls take up a portion of the screen on a computer, they do not appear in the same place on a mobile game. This makes them a little different to play, yet still very appealing once you get the hang of how the controls work. Instead of a mouse, you have swiping and tapping to do – very exciting, for sure.

Slots for PC are still available and still good to try

While mobile gaming has gotten better and more popular in recent times, some people still enjoy playing slots on PCs. It’s easy to see why – the large screen means you get a good view of what is going on. If you have trouble with your eyesight, this could be preferable to using a small device.

It might also be convenient to play for a few minutes at your favorite casino between doing other things on your computer. Perhaps for a few moments during the day or at the weekend, for example. Most slots are designed to work across all devices, from computers like PCs and Macs to all manner of mobile tablets and phones.

What is a slots app and does every casino have one?

A slots app is an app that gives you access to numerous slot games to play. Each app is designed to work on a specific platform. For example, a casino might offer an Android app for free download, or perhaps an iOS app designed to work with an iPad, an iPhone, or possibly both.

Not all casinos offer apps, but you shouldn’t worry if you see a Rival casino without an app for you to use. If you want to visit the casino on your smartphone or tablet, you simply need to go to the usual URL (web address) in your browser you would visit on your computer. You can then save that URL as a favorite on your home screen, so you can go back there quickly in future without searching for it.

How many slots are there for iPad, Android, and iPhone?

How many are you ready to play? Rival Gaming does well to produce slots everyone can access. They know that many players have computers, mobile devices of all kinds, and sometimes both. As with many other software developers, they make sure you can always access their games across multiple platforms. So, if your preference is to play on Android devices or an iPad or iPhone, you’ll have lots of Rival slots to choose from.

Why do players go for instant play Rival casinos?

They are often much easier to access for starters. All you need to do is to select the instant play option rather than downloading any software from the casino. While the software should be safe and free, it takes up room on your computer. It also means you must always play on the same computer, which may not be practical for you.

Instant play also means you can play the games in whichever browser you prefer. There are no delays involved in doing this, and some Rival casinos allow access to their demo games without even asking you to log in. That is ideal if you are still trying to decide which Rival casino to sign up to.

Do Rival slots feature in slots tournaments as well?

They do, and this could well make for a great introduction to tournament gaming if you haven’t tried it before. Our advice is to watch out for tournaments that are free to enter. These are called freeroll tournaments. They do tend to attract a lot of players and the prize pool will likely be smaller, but they are good for beginners to try. You can then see if you can spot any Rival slots to play as part of a paid tournament – perhaps for a bigger prize pool opportunity.