Rival Promotions

You’ll love the welcome bonuses you will be offered at Rival powered casinos. But even when you get the chance to claim one of those, you won’t fall short of enjoying other promotions during your membership of that casino.

Rival casinos always have ongoing promotions, time-limited promotions, and special offers for players to enjoy. Whichever casino you decide to join, make sure you read up on the latest promotions they can offer you. And if you’ve not yet decided which Rival casino is the right one for you, we can reveal the latest and best promotions currently available right here. Don’t leave a great deal of the time.

What can you find in Rival welcome bonuses and packages?

You’ll typically find one of two things for sure – either some free spins or a welcome deal offering a bonus for your first deposit. If you are fortunate, you might find a Rival casino offering a deposit bonus on your first two or three (or more) deposits. Those are worth looking for. If you hit the jackpot, metaphorically speaking, you could get free spins and a deposit bonus.

Bonus codes for existing players are available too

Some casinos stop at the welcome deal. Fortunately, most Rival casinos go beyond it. Look for ones that have deals for existing players, because those deals are great to have around as you spend time at your favorite casino. You can certainly find some reload bonuses and other freebies available if you look for them.

How big could deposit bonuses be?

This depends on the casino you choose to play at. You usually see them shown as a percentage, so you might get 100% on top of your first deposit. That would mean depositing $100 in cash would provide you with a further $100 in bonus funds.

However, some casinos offer bigger bonuses than that. You might see 200%, 300%, or even more. We’ve spotted over 800% deals offered, although these usually have capped bonus amounts depending on the casino. It just goes to show you never know what to expect from those deposit bonus deals.

How common are no deposit bonuses?

Players do love these, and more casinos than you might imagine do offer them, too. For starters, lots of casinos do give you the chance to get a no deposit bonus for signing up. These deals are often promoted on their websites. However, don’t despair if you don’t see any free chips there. Some websites make them available elsewhere, so if you look online for them you can check out the possibility of finding bonuses there you never knew existed.

Could you source some free spins bonuses too?

Yes, you should watch out for these. They are sometimes easier to find for existing players alongside newcomers, as they are sometimes used to promote new slot game releases. These bonuses could give you freebies to use on slots of your choice; on slots by a chosen provider; or on a specific slot game. Read the terms to find out which one applies in each case.

How could daily, weekly, and monthly offers help you experience more Rival games?

The more offers you can find, the more potential there is to try out some bonuses on different games. It is not unusual to feel nervous of trying a game you haven’t found before. You should think about searching for various offers to see if they might give you the opportunity to try that game for the first time.

Daily offers change by the day, according to their name. Some sites give you different deals from Monday through Sunday. Other sites prefer weekly and/or monthly deals, while some Rival casinos spoil you and offer you all of them.

What could Bitcoin bonus codes give you?

These bonus codes generally provide you with an opportunity to get a deposit bonus in mBTC. This works the same as a regular bonus – it’s just valid for Bitcoin rather than for any other method of depositing.

Seeking VIP membership at Rival casinos

Different casinos approach VIP programs in different ways. Some open their doors to all players once they have made a deposit. Others only open their doors to players who have deposited a large sum over the lifetime of play at the casino. That mans some casinos have programs that are far easier to get into than others.

One thing you can usually rely on is that the program will consist of several tiers. You begin at the bottom tier and can then work your way through the tiers to achieve new benefits depending on how often you play and make wagers.

If you don’t qualify for a VIP program, could you get benefits from loyalty programs instead?

Yes, this is certainly possible. You can check out the loyalty point programs across a range of Rival casinos. You generally earn a level of points for making real wagers on selected games. Slots usually earn you more points than table games, but each casino should have a chart or table showing you how many points you earn in each case.

What are slots bonuses?

These are bonuses granted for playing slot games. You might see various bonuses inside the promotions area of a Rival casino, some of which are connected to playing slots. For example, you might get a 50% deposit bonus to spend on qualifying slot games. Other bonuses give you spins to use on those games, with each one worth a specific amount as per the terms of that offer.

Should you look for card and table games bonuses too?

You should if you often play these games. The promotional section of a casino should highlight the various available deals you can choose from. You typically find a card and/or table games bonus will be labeled as such. You can only use those bonus funds on those games, and not on anything else.

What are the chances of finding bonuses for special days and holidays?

What do we mean by special days? Think about Christmas or Valentine’s Day… or anything else you can think of. Any special occasion, day, or holiday throughout the year is ripe for inspiration when it comes to bonuses like these. They also maintain interest in individual casinos.

Another way to create bonuses of this sort is to link them with games inspired by special days. For example, you might find a Thanksgiving-themed slot game from Rival that has a special deal attached to it ahead of the big day.

Is it worth claiming some bonuses for banking methods?

Yes, we think so, because these bonuses are not available for everyone to use. Some players have managed to get bonuses by making Skrill, MasterCard, or Neteller deposits for example. If you would usually deposit via a method attached to such a deal, it would make sense to claim that extra bonus cash. However, if the only bonuses you can find are connected to methods you never use, it probably wouldn’t be worth it.

How to use a bonus code when you find it

Our advice is to copy and paste it. You could easily go wrong and mistype the code or wrongly key it in – especially if you are using a phone or tablet. To get it just right, copy and paste it into the space provided on the casino website. You should see this labeled for a coupon code or bonus code.

Do you know your bonus code terms?

These are different for each deal, making it even more important that you read them before using any bonus codes. You should understand what is required of you before you use a code. That way, there will be no misunderstandings, especially regarding wagering requirements.

Hurry – be quick to grab some limited-time bonus offers!

These never hang around for long, hence the name. They usually carry an expiry date, but some do not – simply announcing they are limited and will be withdrawn once a set number of players have claimed them. Since you never know how long that could be, it’s best to claim these deals when you see them… once you’ve read the terms, of course.