Rival Games

Games galore… you know by now that is what you can expect from Rival. But if you thought they were all about slot games and didn’t develop anything else, you’d be missing a trick. That’s because Rival also develops other casino games. So, if you join a Rival-powered online casino, you can expect to play some of the best table games, specialty games, and video poker titles around today.

Watch out for Red Dog, Casino Battle, and Multi-Hand Blackjack among the many table games available. Moving onto poker, they currently have seven variations to enjoy. These are all designed to appear on one screen, making gameplay smoother, easier, and more user-friendly than ever.

And then you’ve got the specialty games. With scratch cards, keno, and even a spot of bingo to enjoy, there is never a chance of coming away from a Rival casino without spotting a few new favorites. Stick with us and we’ll reveal the best games to play.

How many 5-reel slots can you name from the Rival Gaming collection?

Hmm… now is that a challenge you are up for? Rival Gaming has been around for well over a decade. During that time, they’ve been beavering away creating all manner of games to appeal to all players. Their earlier titles show creativity and panache, but you can see much of the same – only bigger and better – in their most recent five-reel slots as well.

Let’s not forget the 3-reel slots either

If you fancy something easier to play – maybe with fewer lines involved – the three-reel slots collection is just for you. While you might think three reels is a little, well… basic, Rival Gaming forces you to think again. There are more than a few surprises within this part of their collection, as you are about to find out.

Do their progressive slots hold the biggest prizes?

They might well do, depending on how high those amounts have climbed before you get to play the games they are associated with. We do know, however, that progressive slots tend to offer large jackpots, climbing ever higher as more people play for real. Someone gets the entire pot when it drops – we simply never know who that fortunate person will be.

Only the very best i-Slots from Rival Gaming

If you know a few things about Rival, you’ll know they are famous for i-Slots. The full name for these games is interactive slots, which gives you a few clues to how they work. They involve storylines that take you through the game, giving you far more to immerse yourself in than the average slot game does. While they are unique to Rival, they are rightly among their finest games too.

Check out some Rival games for mobile platforms

Do you prefer ditching your laptop in favor of a tablet or smartphone? If you want to play on a mobile device like this, maybe an Android tablet or the latest iPhone, you should make time to check out the best Rival games. Most releases are ideal for playing on mobile platforms too. All you need to do is to find a mobile-friendly casino offering Rival games to get the access you desire.

Finding a Rival games download for PC

The trick here is to see how each individual Rival casino works. Some have an instant play approach, which means everything works in your browser and no download is necessary. However, if you like the idea of a downloadable casino on your PC, look out for a Rival casino offering a download platform to work with. This means you’ll get an icon on your desktop you can click on whenever you want to enter that casino.

Is there a Rival games download free app to use?

Some casinos do have free downloads available – you should never need to pay for them. Sometimes, you might find a mobile casino offers an app to use on your Android or iOS device, so check on that. Oftentimes, though, modern casinos don’t need to offer a free app download as the casino itself is built to work on any mobile browser.

What about Rival games no download or registration?

If you are looking for the chance to play Rival games without downloading anything or even registering to use a casino, you need to find a participating casino that permits free demo play. Some do but you can never count on it being 100% possible. Check individual Rival casinos to see if this is an option. If you find one that allows it, you can try a selection of Rival games in this manner without needing an account. Not until you’re ready for real play, anyway.

How can you find out about the Rival games best and worst odds?

There are dozens upon dozens of games released by this developer. The odds of winning on any of them depend on the volatility of the individual game. Lower volatility slots tend to offer more frequent chances of winning prizes than high volatility ones. If you decided to try the high volatility ones, you should be prepared for long periods with no prizes. However, those games do have the potential to trigger several major wins in a short time. Would that suit you or would you prefer the potential to get lots of smaller prizes during a period of play?

Which Rival games have the best chance of winning?

This links into the volatility area we just mentioned. Many players prefer to win more regularly rather than to try and hang out in the hope a big prize might drop. Deciding on your preference for volatility is very important, as it could influence the type of game you decide to play.

Rival games best player advantage

What does player advantage mean? The first thing to look at is the return to player percentage. You’ll often see this spoken of as the RTP for a game. You might see something like this:

  • RTP 97.2%
  • RTP 95%
  • RTP 98.3%

The higher the percentage, the more the game pays out for every dollar wagered. So, if a game takes a dollar in bets – let’s say 100 cents for the sake of the example – it returns 97.2% of those bets in prizes, if the RTP is 97.2%. That means 97.2 cents in every 100 cents (or a dollar) wagered.

The important thing to remember is that this percentage is estimated over the entire lifespan of the game. It does not reflect your own experience of the game played over a few wagers. However, we would still suggest choosing Rival games with the highest RTPs you can find. They are going to give back more than games with lower RTPs. We should also emphasize the importance of finding games you love to play, though. Entertainment is surely vital if you’re going to have a great time.

Can you try any Rival games with Bitcoin?

You sure can! Lots of Rival-powered casinos are now welcoming players to deposit using Bitcoin. If you like the sound of that, you should watch out for any deposit bonuses you might get by using Bitcoin. Yep, there is no reason to miss out on any bonuses just because you choose to use this cryptocurrency to make transactions with your selected casino.

What kinds of Rival games bonuses should you expect to see?

This depends on the individual casino. Some are focused on the welcome package more than anything else. Others are equally focused on providing good deals for existing players, so you should watch out for a casino that delivers both if you can. After all, once that welcome deal has been claimed, you want to have the opportunity to get some cashback, reload deals, and more.

Never forget you can always use Rival games demo play

Demo games are always enjoyable as you know there is no risk of losing anything on the games. You can’t be sure what a game is going to be like until you try it, so why not try it without using your funds?

Rival provides demo versions of its slots to give you the option to start this way. With lots of varied games to try, it is likely you’ll get a better feel of the offering ahead of you.

What does it mean to play Rival games for free?

This could mean two things:

  • You’re playing the demo as we described above
  • You’re playing the real version of the game with a free chip, so that chip didn’t require you to deposit anything

Only the second version of the term gives you a shot at winning anything for real. However, even in that case, you’re going to have some wagering requirements to meet. Be sure to read about those prior to tackling anything else.

And finally… the chance to play Rival games for real money

Not every player progresses to this point. However, if you do decide you love their games and you would like to see if you could get any prizes from them in real cash, they’ve got lots to choose from. All their games are of course available to try in real play, so all you need to do is to pick the first one you are going to try.