Rival Banking

By now, you’ve probably realized a Rival-powered online casino is a great place to be. But there’s more to it than that. If you’re going to join a casino and make a deposit, you need to be sure it is safe to do so. Everyone is rightly protective of their personal information, especially in the internet day and age.

Rest assured Rival casinos are among the best places to be when it comes to secure banking facilities. You will notice there is an impressive range of banking options to choose from at each casino, ranging from credit cards to online e-wallet providers and finishing at debit cards. Most have a dedicated banking or cashier section, and this is where you’ll find info on all the banking facilities provided and how to use them.

What are the most popular banking methods in use at Rival casinos?

This depends on the casino you visit, but you can count on finding credit cards and web wallets in use across most – if not all – of them. You won’t necessarily find the same methods used in every casino, but Visa, Skrill, MasterCard, Neteller, and other similar methods crop up frequently.

You can occasionally spot Bitcoin in use too, so if you would like to use a virtual currency, this is worth looking for. Occasionally, there could be one or more other virtual currencies provided as options as well.

Are there cryptocurrency banking methods you can use too?

Yes, as we mentioned above, Bitcoin regularly appears in the banking areas at Rival casinos. You can’t guarantee it will be there, but there is a quick way you can tell at most casinos.

Look at the very bottom of the home page. You’ll usually see a range of logos there telling you about the payment methods available at that casino. Watch out for the capital B with two vertical lines running through it. This is the Bitcoin logo, and if you spot it at the bottom of a casino page, you know it is provided as a payment option. No need to even look at the banking page!

What are processing fees and how might they affect you?

When you withdraw funds from your casino account, they could be subjected to processing fees. This doesn’t always happen, but you should be able to find out whether fees are applied ahead of time. They should be clearly indicated on the banking page, where all the available methods you could use are given.

You may find some methods are fee-free while others incur fees dependent on the amount involved. Most deposits should be free – it is withdrawals that incur the processing fees if any are applied.

Expect the best security when banking with Rival online casinos

All reputable casinos put strict security measures in place to protect your information. This means your deposits and withdrawals are processed in encrypted fashion, so you can rest assured your information is secure. Always check there is a padlock symbol in the address bar when you’re banking with a casino. It should also display the "https://" status at the beginning of the address. These quick checks are easy to do and will help you feel secure about the transaction. Remember too that you can ask the support team if you have any concerns or questions about security aspects of the site.

Learn how to deposit at each individual casino you visit

Don’t assume every Rival-powered casino is going to have identical banking methods for you to use. You never can tell whether they are all going to be alike. Some might offer Bitcoin, for example – a virtual currency – whereas others may not.

A quick glance at the banking page or cashier page should tell you everything you need to know. You can then choose your ideal Rival casino to sign up to and make a deposit at to get started.

How can you find out more about typical deposit and withdrawal times?

This information should also be provided on the banking/cashier page. Oftentimes, most deposits are instant, but there could be one or two instances where it might take up to an hour to receive your deposit into your casino account. If you check in advance, you’ll know what to expect.

Withdrawals usually take longer to process than deposits. This is usually because the casino must be sure you are legit, and you have proven your identity. Before making your first withdrawal, you’ll need to provide the paperwork they request. This could be a passport or driving license. Follow the guidance given; once they have approved your paperwork, they’ll process your withdrawal request. They might periodically ask to see proof of identity too, so don’t be concerned if this occasionally happens.

Withdrawal times vary according to the method used. Some might take one or two days, while other methods might take up to 10 working days. Again, these should all be given in the banking or cashier area of the site.

With easy and safe deposits and withdrawals at the tips of your fingers whenever you need them, it’s easy to see why lots of people prefer a Rival casino.