Dollars to Donuts Slots

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3-reel, video
Money, Classic Slot Symbols
It is time to treat your sweet tooth and your wallet to some amazing delights. If you live for coins and sweets, then there is a very suitable Rival Gaming slot title waiting for you at online casinos. This delicious, guilty pleasure game carries the name Dollars to Donuts slots, and it invites you to taste its sugarcoated combination of donuts and coins.

This game focuses on donuts with its theme, and on a classic spinning experience with its reel setup. There are only three reels on the reel frame, so you will have a clear understanding of what needs to happen in order to make wins with this game. It does not have many modern functions, but its spins come easy, cheap and quick, so you have many opportunities to take home that cherry on the donut top win of 5000x.

A Classic Game That Is Able to Still Your Hunger for Profits

Despite its classic, 3-reel setup, you will not get to play with a single winline, which is the common winline number for classic slots, but with no less than five winlines. This is great, because it give you more opportunities to make wins on the reels. Those reels display a couple of icons that you will recognize from other classic slots, but they will also display a few novelty attributes.

All together, these icons form a delicious win triggering paytable package. They will sprinkle sugars on your taste buds and coins into your bankroll. Furthermore, there is not much bonus material in this game, but you will have plenty of opportunities to still your hunger for profits with the top paying symbol combinations and the cash stuffed donut wild icon.

Enjoy Your Guilty Pleasures on the Slot Reels of Dollars to Donuts Slots

It is of course not good to munch on too many sweets, but it is all right to have some guilty pleasures occasionally. For many people, those guilty pleasures come in the form of gorgeous looking and tasting donuts. It is mouthwatering to think of those soft, sweet and sticky treats. In light of that, it might be better to avoid this game when you are dieting. However, it is a title that you must certainly give a try when you are trying to increase the size of your bankroll.

You can make your bankroll fatter when you start to spin the reels of this virtual slot machine game and make powerful combinations with the colorful and tasty looking symbols like for example the single, double, triple BAR and the donut. These icons have colorful sprinkles on top of them, so they will look extra attractive and tasty. Grab them while they are hot, and makes sure that you line them up on the reels first before you devour them.

Donut Forget to Give This Slot Game Some Love

Do not forget to give this slot some attention and love, because it is able to give you a sugar rush and a possible cash rush as well. Your energy and excitement levels will spike and your blood will start to pump faster once you put the reels of this game in motion. There are big prizes waiting for you, and those cash rewards are of course the sweetest rewards that Dollars To Donuts Slots can give to its participants.