Mobile Casinos

Do you always play your favorite slots and other casino games on your computer? Did you know many casinos now offer mobile versions of many of their top titles as well? This is where you’re about to discover another great reason for joining one or more Rival powered casinos. These are packed with lots of mobile-friendly games, since Rival Gaming uses only the best software to present their games to their audience.

If it is important to you to access casino Rival games on your smartphone or tablet, we’ve got the latest news about those games right here. This is where you will find out which games you can play on your mobile device, and how easy they are to enjoy. Are you ready to dive into a whole new mobile world of gaming courtesy of Rival?

Is it easy to use a smaller mobile lobby?

Definitely – remember, only the screen size is smaller. The lobby is likely just as big as it would be in the regular online casino. The difference is in how you access and view it.

Most Rival mobile casinos are going to make it easy for you to swipe and tap your way around the lobby. When you see a game you like, you should just need to tap on the image to go through to it. The game controls are different too, making the most of those touchscreen controls.

Do you need a mobile casino app to use one of these Rival casinos?

You may do, but oftentimes they are easy to use without one. Modern technology means most casinos go for responsive and intuitive casino designs. That means you can view it on any size screen or device, and you won’t need to download anything to make it happen.

If a casino does have an app for you to download, you’ll get notice of it on the home page. If you’re viewing the casino on your smartphone or tablet, you may see a message on there to download an app, which should be free.

Download vs instant play?

These don’t mean the same thing if you’re playing at a mobile casino. However, you may get the option to just use the casino on a mobile platform or to download a free app. It’s up to you to decide which way to go, although more and more mobile sites are opting to use advanced software. That means you won’t need to download an app in many cases.

How to sign up to a mobile casino

The process really isn’t much different to how you’d sign up to a regular online casino. There should be a signup invite on the home page as soon as you arrive at the casino. Chances are, there could well be a welcome bonus mentioned there, underneath which is a signup button. Just tap on that and follow the instructions. Grab a no deposit bonus if you can, as this gives you the chance to try games without depositing.

Is it easy to play on Android devices?

Yes, you can use a smartphone or tablet running on Android software and enjoy many of the same games you would on a computer. If you’ve never played mobile games before, you might find it odd to start with. However, you’ll likely enjoy the process once you get the hang of it.

Play casino games on your iPhone

If you own an iPhone, you can go to any of your favorite casino games at a Rival casino and play them in your hands. You’d be amazed how easy it is to use the controls for these games, since they are specially designed to allow you to tap the required areas of the screen to make your moves.

The best way to find the best mobile slots

If you are heading for a mobile casino packed out with Rival slot games, you can expect to find many of the finest mobile slots around today. Their collection stretches back some years, so not all their slots might be available on mobile devices.

However, you can be sure many of them are, and you can certainly play all their newest slots at any Rival-powered mobile casino.

Are you looking forward to playing new mobile slots too?

You should be, as all new releases from Rival are going to be available across all platforms. So, whether you play on Android, Windows, iOS, or BlackBerry, you’ll get the chance to try out Rival’s newest mobile slots whenever they’re released.

Mobile casinos bonuses: What should you expect?

Sometimes, there are bonuses reserved for people playing on the mobile site for the first time. This might mean those bonuses are reserved for new players who haven’t yet become a member of those sites. However, sometimes even existing players might get the chance to claim such a bonus.

As always, our advice would be to check the main promotions area of the mobile Rival casino to see what is in there. That way, you won’t miss a thing.

Look out for the chance to enter some mobile tournaments

Did you think you’d miss out on the chance to do this? You cannot guarantee you’ll get the chance to play in mobile tournaments at every casino you visit. However, lots of Rival games are chosen to highlight tourneys and events at many casinos. Something worth looking for, definitely!