5-Reel Rival Slots

If there is one thing Rival Gaming is fantastic at, it’s coming up with a huge mixture of ideas for five-reel slot games. Many players would say these are their favorite slots, as there are more reels, more icons, and more paylines to look forward to. We can think of lots of other reasons why five-reel slots from Rival are exciting though, especially since they’ve attempted to cover as many themes as they possibly can.

When you select a slot like this at a Rival casino, you can go on a journey that could take you anywhere. There are slots based in ancient Egypt, in modern Mexico, in the jungle… wherever you can think of, you can be sure there is something to inspire you to play. We also like the huge mix of wild icons and features, scattered symbols, bonus features, on-reels features, and free spins that could appear. If you love nothing better than a good five-reel slot game, Rival has got you covered.

Don’t forget they are home to the i-Slot too – not just the five-reel video slot. This means each bonus is likely to play out differently, with different takes on the theme each time the bonus is triggered. Get ready to discover more from Rival today, and look through our top suggestions for five-reel games below.