Mythic Wolf Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Animals, Mystic

Wolves have cropped up in lots of games, but it’s rare that you might spot a Mythic Wolf in action. That’s what we have here though, so if you are keen to know what it’s like, here we go with a full review of the title.

Lots of lines for a five-reel game

We’ve seen up to 100 lines landing over five reels before, but that’s incredibly rare. So too are 50-line slots, but we have one of those to play here.

Can you play this game as a penny slot?

Absolutely, which means you do need to wager 50 cents at least on each spin. There are other possibilities, with $25 per spin being the uppermost of those.

Two symbols to hunt down in Mythic Wolf

Finding a wolf is a good thing here because it behaves as a wild symbol. Better still, you can expect 5x the usual prize sum when you find one in a winning combination. The only symbol you cannot replace with a wolf is the scatter, and this looks like a bunch of feathers.

Watch out for the feathers to appear

Three of the feather icons will give you seven free spins, but finding four is better because you’ll get 15 spins in that case. Best of all is the promise of 50 free spins in exchange for five feather scatter symbols. Any wilds involved in prizes are worth 10x too.

Search for feathers as you play these games because finding another three, four, or five of them will give you 10, 20, or 75 games to follow. The spins also contain bonus symbols, and we’re told that getting three of those will provide access to a bonus round. We didn’t manage to get through to that stage, so we have no idea of what might await you there.

Mythic Wolf is a dramatic and entertaining game to play

It is, indeed, and we would add this to our list of favorites. It looks beautiful, and the free spins giving you a second chance to play some different spins, plus the lure of a bonus round from within those spins, reveal just how good it can be.