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We hope you like purple, because that is the main color used at the Slots of Fortune casino! This is no bad thing though, because it makes the casino look very rich and gives it a lot of depth, too. If you are keen to explore this site further, we have some details we think you will be interested in.

Is this a casino lobby you’ll want to return to?

Only you can figure that one out, but we think it has a lot of potential. There are plenty of Rival Gaming slots there, but you will find other games included as well. The lobby brings you the opportunity to spot several notable games, with table games such as blackjack and roulette among the famous slots.

Can you join from anywhere?

The signup restrictions seem to apply to New South Wales in Australia but not to other regions. Those in Canada cannot sign up and neither can anyone resident in the United States. Read the full list of restricted areas within the terms and conditions to find out more about this.

Did you know there are free games to try too?

Whenever you spot free games at a casino, you can be sure those games are just demo versions. They are popular among players as they’re good to try for practice purposes or just for entertainment. Which group are you going to fall into at Slots of Fortune Casino?

Plenty of paid games to choose from

With the game count reaching well into three figures, there is a lot to look forward to at this casino. If you are keen to start dipping into your casino budget for playing slots and other games, Slots of Fortune Casino provides you with lots of ways to do it.

The new slot games can be found with all the rest

We didn’t see an option to view these separately, but we think you’ll enjoy looking through all the exciting titles anyway.

Daily bonuses are mentioned on the home page

This is good to know, but you can also dip into the promotions area of the menu to see what else is in store. Underneath that, you can also see the $777 welcome bonus on offer if you are new and have not yet made a deposit to the site.

The bonuses begin before you even make a deposit

Don’t you just love no-deposit bonuses? They certainly do at Slots of Fortune, because they offer every new player $15 free to start trying the games with. There is no need to make a deposit to claim this, but there is a welcome bonus on offer as well if you want it.

To secure that, simply make your first deposit and you get the chance to claim up to $777 free. With daily bonuses and other promotions also up for grabs, this shows how good the Slots of Fortune casino is to join.

Over 60 superb titles to play

You might guess this casino is focused on providing you with lots of slots to play. You would be right in that, but they haven’t forgotten there are other players around who like to play other titles as well.

You can either play instantly by going for that option to play the Flash games in your browser window, or choose to download the complete casino. The good thing about Slots of Fortune is that it permits you to try games for free if you choose the fun play mode. You can also choose to play for real money of course, and this is the option that opens the chance to win real prizes.

Enjoy some i-Slots as well as other popular slot options

We should talk about your chance to play i-Slots here, which are also known as interactive slots. They typically have a storyline involved, unlike many other basic slot games. You will find other three- and five-reel titles here too though, so whatever you like to play most, chances are you will locate games that fit your requirements.

Check out the details of this casino before you join, and you may find there is ample reason to do just that. With bonuses, promotions, good games, and lots more as well, Slots of Fortune really might trigger a fortune for you if you’re lucky.

No tournaments are ready to play just yet

We didn’t see a section devoted to tournaments, but there could be the occasional one ready to play if you keep an eye on the site whenever you visit. Sometimes, casinos place the occasional tourney in the promo area, for example.

The latest winners appear on the home page underneath the welcome deal

This is good to know, and you can see where the players are from and how much they won, too.

To find out about the rewards of this casino, visit the VIP page

Accessible from that same upper menu area, the VIP club at Slots of Fortune Casino gives you yet another way to enjoy the site.

Try visiting the mobile version of the site too

With no app to download, the Slots of Fortune Casino mobile site is a great option if you’re away from your computer and you still want to play. Just be sure you have your regular login details, as they will work just fine on the mobile site as well.

You won’t be able to play games without registering to do so

Fortunately, just a couple of minutes – if that – are all that is required to make sure you can open an account. That deposit deal will wait until you’re ready to claim it, so there is no need to part with any cash to put in your account just yet.

An instant play casino you’ll enjoy

You can download their free software if you would rather do so, but the Slots of Fortune Casino does have a play instantly link on the main page. That is all you need to go for if you want to use it.

Affiliates link is at the bottom of the site

It isn’t the easiest thing to see, but once you select that link you can go through to learn more about the potential of the program.

This casino doesn’t offer sporting bets or wagers

That means you won’t see links to open a racebook or sportsbook. No bookies are provided as part of the service either.

Blog and forum entries should be looked for on other sites

It is rare that such things exist on casino sites anyway, but you can learn more about Slots of Fortune by hearing the opinions and experiences of your fellow players at numerous other sites.

No live dealers to meet

Slots of Fortune has focused its attention on the main games – the ones you would see at every online casino. As such, there are no live dealer games to try.

Is it easy to make a deposit?

We think so, yes, as they accept various e-wallets along with Visa debit and credit cards. It doesn’t look as if MasterCard is there though.

What about withdrawing funds?

Neteller, the online wallet, looks to be the only method you can use for depositing and taking out funds. Also available are bank wire transfers and a check option.

No chance of using Bitcoin then?

It doesn’t appear so, no.

Seek out some help via live chat

This is good to see – a live chat feature that is easy to use, just as it should be. They also have 24/7 support via the phone number prominently displayed on the site.