Wacky Wedding Slots

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bonus, video, 5-reel
A wedding day is supposed to be a day of joy and happiness. At least, that is what many people say. However, is this true in reality? Slot game developer Rival Gaming seems to think that the true experience is much more awful, and perhaps that is why it has created the casino title Wacky Wedding Slots. However, do not worry that this game will ruin your mood when you play it. In fact, it will do quite the contrary, because you can fall in love with it and commit yourself to a live of luxury and cash until dead do you part.

Take Part in the Wedding Day Craziness

All the typical wedding day craziness takes place on the reels of Wacky Wedding Slots. Look around and shiver as you see daddy-in-law being flirty with woman at the party, while mother-in-law seems to boil over from contempt. Meanwhile, the maid of honor seems rather jealous, and the groom is about to pee in his pants out of nervousness.

The wedding has not even started, and already things are starting to look troublesome. Can you save this wedding from becoming a disaster? If you believe you can, then you better start to spin the slot reels of this game. Make sure that all the guests at the party find their proper spots on the reels so that they will not cause any trouble. You will receive handsome rewards if you are able to save the wedding by performing that important task.

Safe This Wedding and Get Handsomely Rewarded for It

So as the savior of this wacky wedding and the creator of your own fortune, you are going to line up some symbols on the reels. Study the paytable of this game very carefully, because some of the symbols are more valuable than others. Take the ever so important ring for example, which is able to give you a great jackpot reward of 1500 credits. Other important reel symbols in this game are the expanding wild wedding cake, the Champaign bottle scatter, and the bouquet bonus icon.

Find Your True Casino Slot Game Love

It is an important day when you decide to play Wacky Wedding Slots. You will not commit yourself to the woman of your dreams in this game, but rather to a large sum of cash. For some, that is a much more rewarding prize to take home and carry over the doorstep. If you agree, then Wacky Wedding Slots might be your true casino slot game love.