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classic, 3-reel
Classic Slot Symbols
Isn’t Winsanity a superb name for a slot game? It works by using the word insanity and making the front of it say ‘win’ instead – pretty cool for a slot where we are hoping to win something, right?

But how much is involved in this slot? Is it going to be a good one to try or will it be a letdown? We know the answer already, but we are going to reveal more to you now.

Basic facts for the Winsanity slot game

We would be keen to call this a bold and delightful game. It’s big on character for sure, but is it big in other ways? We’re about to find out.

Developed by…

Rival Gaming. If you have tried a few of their previous games, you’ll know they don’t have a type. You can’t know what to expect from any of their titles, and we think that is a refreshing thing to know.

The Winsanity slot game demo

The demo works just as you would think – it is identical to the paid version, except the game has demo credits held inside it. These allow you to play as if it was real. The difference is in the outcome. Even if you get a winning line, you won’t win real credits or prizes.

What is the theme here?

Think of this as a classic. Original slots were peppered with bar symbols and sevens, and this one replicates that idea. There is a little more to look forward to as well though.

Does Winsanity boast a good design?

Yes, we think it does. The colors are bright and engaging and draw the eye towards the game. You won’t be distracted by them – instead, they get your attention.

The basics included in the Winsanity slot game

The game restricts itself to offering the prizes highlighted on the paytable. You won’t find a progressive jackpot in this game. It offers a mere three reels to spin, and those reels are large enough to show one, two, or three icons when they stop.

There are three special symbols in this game. They are shown as 2x, 3x, and 4x. They are all wild and each one multiplies a winning combination by the amount shown on that wild. They keep to their own reels too – with 2x, 3x, 4x on reels one, two, and three. Not only do they assist in multiplying wins with other symbols, they can pay out alone too.

Do we get more than one payline?

No, despite the bigger reels that can show more than one icon per spin, the single payline runs through the middle and is clearly marked.

What can you bet on Winsanity slots?

You get the chance to choose from one, two, or three coins to bet on the single payline. You must also choose how much each coin is worth. Will you opt for the cheapest one-cent coin or go higher, perhaps reaching the maximum of a $10 coin?

The paytable is revealing

It reveals all the prizes depending on how many coins are wagered. It also appears right there with the reels as you play.

No bonuses here

Winsanity doesn’t include bonus features.

No free spins to be found

The win multipliers are the main attraction in this slot game.

What’s the RTP like?

It is slightly lower than we would like, coming in at 94.24%.

Our rating for Winsanity

It’s clear this slot is based around those wilds. You are going to be looking for those as you play. Despite the small size of the slot, it has enough to enjoy here to make it worth an 8 out of 10 score.

How much could you get in prize money?

We haven’t talked about the jackpot symbol yet, but it is – of course – connected to the wilds. You must find all three wilds in place on the payline to deliver the top prize. A single-coin wager would be worth 1,000 credits. However, if you played two or three coins on the line and this combo appeared, you would receive 2,000 or 3,000 credits respectively.

Play for fun just to enjoy the game

If you play the demo version of Winsanity, you can appreciate the game and understand more easily how it works. Looking for those wilds can be quite thrilling as you see where those reels are going to stop.

How to find the real version of Winsanity

Any good Rival casino will have this game ready to play. You can choose from the demo – sometimes available to non-members – and then decide whether you would like to move to the real version.

Play Winsanity on mobile today

If you like to play slots on iPad, iPhone, or Android, you can try Winsanity on those devices whenever you wish.