Cleopatra's Coins Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, Historical
Cleopatra needs no introduction. Everyone knows she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and at the time, the most powerful one. Merging such theme into a casino slot game is an inspiration, to say the least. With luxury as the main ingredient, Cleopatra’s Coins delivers one of the best online gaming experiences that can be found at this point in time. Take possession of the Egyptian treasure that is Cleopatra’s Gold Coins, enter the land of the Pharaohs and gain immortality.

Controlling Cleopatra

The secrets of ancient Egypt await you once you take Cleopatra’s hand, and let her lead you through the mysterious land of the Pyramids, Sphinx and thousands of years of history. You have important control buttons on the screen which allows customisation of the game to suit your preference. The Up and Down buttons select the bet amount. The Select button lets you set the exact number of coins you want to bet. You can also select lines, if you do not want to wager on each of the 15 pay lines. Press the Spin button to start the game. There is a Maximum bet button, and a useful AutoPlay button; that lets yuh set a fixed number of spins.

Your Goal

Yes, your goal has to be getting as many matching symbols in the lines as you can. The game pays out from left to right, so getting three or more matching symbols leads to wins any way you look at it. Cleopatra’s Coins is a smooth limousine ride into the heart of casino gambling with a theme made in paradise. Getting three or more matching symbols get you a private invitation into Cleopatra’s secret treasure chamber, where she will offer you her private jars with magical powers, containing cash rewards.

Free Spins Round

Getting three, four or even five of the Free Spins symbols wins 10, 20, or 100 Free Spins respectively, along with a multiplier of 3x to add to the special features. What’s more, the Free Spins can be re-triggered during the Free Spins round.

Egyptian Pyramids & Pharaohs

In her time, Cleopatra was adored by men all over the world including Roman Caesar Mark Anthony. The game is accompanied by traditional Egyptian music and impressive sound effects. The graphics are vibrant and immersive enough to put you in a trance, of you let it!

Cleopatra’s Jackpot

5,000 coins is the jackpot at Cleopatra’s Coins! Since she was the last of the Pharaohs, she has hidden all the jewels, precious stones and gold coins somewhere in her realm, most likely a hidden chamber on one of the majestic Pyramids. Watch out for the Mummies roaming around, dressed entirely in bandages. Terrifying as it is, Cleopatra will protect your mortal soul.

Cleopatra’s Symbols of Power

Faded graphic hieroglyphics make up the majority of the game symbols, lending a decisively Egyptian theme to the game from beginning to end. There is also a powerful Gold Coin symbol, which will transport you to the bonus round. There are two Wild symbols within the game. The Scarab and Sphinx symbols are the Wild duo. Other symbols include a man with a snake, a man standing on camels. They all add colour to the otherwise drab, grey walls of the cave, that serve as the game’s backdrop. Expect to see Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, Cleopatra, the Pyramids and the Sphinx, jeweled scarab beetles, the Gold Coin and the Poisonous Asp as game symbols. The latter, Asps symbols, can lead to the Free Spins round by getting three (or more) on the reels. The free spins bonus game has generous multipliers to increase your winning potential.


The mobile version of the game works flawlessly on all modern mobile devices, tablets as well as smartphones. The mobile version of Cleopatra’s Coins has been fully optimised to bring out the best attributes of the game, especially the graphics. The Smash-An-Urn Bonus Round really adds spice to the game, not that it needs it! With a Jackpot worth 5,000 coins, and a maximum betting limit of $45 per spin, Cleopatra’s Coins gifts out coins like there was no tomorrow! Try out Cleopatra’s Coins, and let yourself be pampered with the sensual beauty of the Goddess of ancient Egypt; Cleopatra and her golden coins, which she has saved especially for you. Come inside her realm and enjoy the forbidden pleasures she has kept here just for you.