Free Chips at Ignition

Did you know Ignition Casino has more than just regular promotions to enjoy? Once you're logged in, or you sign in as a new member, you can explore all the features of your account. And you might just realize you can claim a free chip when you do that. Look for the cash bonus inside your account and watch out for the big orange 'claim bonus' button. Click on it and the bonus is yours. It doesn't get much easier!

You'll get your own bonus page as a member of Ignition Casino. You'll need to be logged in to see it, and once you've done that make sure you subscribe to their mailing list. Why? Simply because you might just get bonus codes emailed to you occasionally. You can input these codes into the bottom of your bonus page, right where the bonus code box is. You never know when another free chip might come your way!

How much do you know about Ignition Casino?

Do you like your casinos to look good? If so, the orange detailing at Ignition Casino is sure to catch your eye. They offer a dedicated poker section, a regular casino, a live dealer casino, and plenty of promotions to keep you entertained as well. What else might you look for? Oh yes, lots of bonuses.

If you find even a few free chips to use on occasion, you'll get the chance to play assorted games you might not otherwise spend your games budget on. And that means you can experience more of Ignition Casino.

How to find the best Ignition Casino bonuses to use

Your first stop should be the site itself. Boy, they sure do love promoting their bonuses. While you might be fortunate to find some cool no deposit bonuses there, you're almost guaranteed to find some codes that could enhance the amount you deposit if you want to play.

While the site has some great deals available, don't miss the chance to find some other codes and coupons right here. Rest assured if we know about it, we'll share it with you.

Top Ignition games to look forward to

Choosing some highlights from the Ignition Casino slot collection is a tough thing to do. There are so many, after all. However, we've done our best to whittle it down to five of our personal favorites. Are you going to agree with our choice?

A Night with Cleo

We couldn't skirt by this one, as it has garnered a lot of attention since its release. The game plays out much the same as many other ancient Egyptian-themed slots, but it has one surprise in store. If you use the gamble feature, you might just persuade Cleo herself to part with a few items of clothing. It is an intriguing and unusual slot to be sure, which makes it very different from anything else you'll have tried.

A Switch in Time

Could you switch up play by trying this entertaining slot? This may be an older slot, but you know what they say… the oldies are still the goodies! Travel through time, witness robots and modern weapons, and see what else you might line up to help you grab a prize. With five reels and 20 bet lines, there is a lot going on.

Bulletproof Babes

Get ready to meet the babes of the title in this animation-style slot game based over five reels. While it may not look like the most obvious 3D game, there are some 3D elements in this one that make those characters leap out at you. Watch out for wilds, scatters, and the opportunity to score prizes as big as 40,000 coins per line. Wow!

777 Deluxe

It may feature one of the oldest icons ever seen in slot games, but 777 Deluxe is very much a modern game to play. It offers five reels with 10 paylines, and you can play on mobile as well as on your computer. It's not all about the number 7 either, as there are bells, bar symbols, and fruit featured here too.

Fruit Frenzy

Is fruit the most popular theme in the slot world? It could well be, but this fruity game is very different from anything you might expect. For starters, those fruity icons are all very friendly, and there are other cartoon items appearing over the five reels too. With 25 lines, a wild pineapple, and two scatters (each one showing one of the two words in the title), you never know what to expect next.

Ignition Casino is always packed with great games to play. But not everyone realizes they also have some excellent promotions and a bonus system to make the most of. Check out the perks of being a member of Ignition Casino today.