Sunset Slots Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Were you looking for those codes? If so, we suggest you stick around. We have some suggestions on how to find them, along with recommendations on some fine games to play once you’ve got bonus funds to use.

We love the logo for Sunset Slots, showing the sunset (of course) and a cherry as the O in Slots. But what else is there to appreciate once you go beyond your first glance of that logo? Plenty, as it turns out…

Finding the most thrilling slots to play at Sunset Slots Casino

They tempt you with a dozen great games on the home page, with lots more to come if you explore the various categories above, one of which is for slot games. Our top choices are given below.

What do the Aussie Rules mean?

Yes, this is a sports-themed slot, but you don’t need to know those rules to play. Just check out the paytable and you’ll be golden. This reveals the wild ref, the shirt for the jackpot, and the ball that can unlock the bonus round. Oh, and aside from all these, there’s a water bottle for the free spin trigger too, with up to 100 games up for grabs.

This slot is truly going to be the Cream of the Crop

There are crops of prizes to be won too, with a cute little bunny turning up as the wild – it expands over the first, third, and fifth reels too. The veggie patch in this game might just hide some treasure too, thanks to the wooden chest that appears scattered in various positions. Three of those allow you to get some free games and/or a coin prize… but make sure you avoid the weed!

What lurks within this Secret Garden?

This charming garden is home to a wild duck, with a floral key leading the way to a bonus round. Watch for the garden gate to give you a shot at some free spins too. Whatever happens, everything looks rosy inside this secret garden.

Cleopatra’s Coins could come tumbling towards you here

Some famous faces are included in this journey back through history, where a scarab beetle and an asp take on the wild and scatter roles respectively. With up to 100 free games to try and find, you’ll want to find as many of those asps as possible. There’s a bonus feature available too if you’re ready to smash some urns…

Are there any secret no deposit bonus codes hidden anywhere online?

It’s difficult to give you an accurate answer on this. After all, they are hidden, right? Some are going to be much harder to find than others, and that means you need to think about where they are and how you might locate them. If you were thinking about Google, you’d be thinking along the right lines.

Do you always need a bonus code to get your hands on some free cash?

No, and spending some time reading the home page at Sunset Slots Casino tells us just why that is. Just underneath some of the highlighted slot games you can play, there is a ‘welcome to Sunset Slots online casino’ section. This has been divided into several sections, each one promoting a different part of the casino. The second area focuses on casino bonuses, and it is here we learn that the casino offers a free no deposit bonus worth $15. This doesn’t seem to need a code for it to work – just a signup from you.

Understanding how a free chip works

A free chip isn’t much different from a free bonus code, as they both offer a way to get more from your online casino. Sunset Slots might occasionally have deals for one, the other, or both. The main difference is in appearance, as a free chip looks like a casino chip, whereas a code will be comprised of letters and/or numbers as appropriate. That’s it – a chip might still have a code to use it, so watch out for that.

How do you get a bonus code to use for table games at Sunset Slots Casino?

Read the rules that come with every code you find. Some codes are wider ranging than others. Sometimes, though, you may not be able to try the roulette and blackjack with those codes. You may only be able to check out the slots, although there are tons of those at Sunset Slots. The name kinda gives it away, doesn’t it? Rest assured there is plenty to enjoy once you do find these codes to use.

How long can you make your free play code last?

This is almost like a challenge, and it’s a good one to set yourself. Look for a slot game with fewer lines and lower coin values – ideally one cent per coin. Then, multiply the cent by however many lines you’re playing. We recommend finding a game with a lower quantity of lines rather than choosing to play fewer than the maximum. That is one sure way to miss out on prizes.

This means a 10-line slot would cost just 10 cents a go. If you took it further and found a three-reel game based on one line, even a five-dollar code would take you through a huge 500 spins. That would be amazing – and Sunset Slots Casino does have several slots that meet those criteria.

No Bitcoin accepted, so no bonus code for that

Enough said there, although you shouldn’t assume there will never be any bonuses available for other types of banking options. You can review those at a glance at the bottom of the website or continue reading…

How to deposit at Sunset Slots

From the usual card options to the online e-wallets, there are several promising methods you can use at this casino. The menu that appears at the bottom of the page, with the words in pink, also gives you a link to the banking page, where you can get more details.