Rival Bitcoin Casinos

That's an interesting question, right? Many players look at the software a casino is based around when they first land on a new casino website. If you visit Bitcoin casinos, you'll see various software platforms are in use. The trick is to find one you can rely on that provides an impressive collection of games to take you away.

We're going to highlight the Rival Bitcoin casinos here - the ones based on Rival Gaming software. Could those be the best Bitcoin casinos you could try? Find out today by reading more right here.

Exploring the range of Rival slots available at Bitcoin casinos today

Rival has well over 100 slots to play in their collection - and it's getting bigger all the time. That gives you the perfect opportunity to check out their biggest, best, and most thrilling games. They are experienced at delivering superb three-reel classics, but they have also produced a series of i-Slots that deliver an interactive experience you won't get anywhere else.

With plenty of diverse themes to explore as well, there is a slot game for every mood and occasion in the Rival collection.

Why choose Bitcoin casinos based on Rival software?

Well, you get the complete games collection for starters. However, you can also enjoy a smooth experience from start to finish. You might notice some Rival Bitcoin casinos offer downloads and Flash games. That's because Rival makes sure their games are accessible on all platforms and in all ways.

Bitcoin makes banking fast and easier than ever

We all want our banking facilities to be as secure as possible. The anonymity offered by Bitcoin means there is a chance to make sure your funds are secure, as is your identity. This is just one element that has attracted people to use Bitcoin. It also becomes a superb way to enjoy depositing cash to play your favorite Rival slots with, don't you think?

You'll get to play both new and classic Rival slots

Rival Bitcoin casinos are designed to appeal to the widest range of casino players. There are classic games in the collection - ones that were released many years ago, and those that contain just three reels. No matter what your opinion is on these games, they comprise just part of the complete Rival collection.

These Bitcoin casinos also deliver the latest slots from Rival Gaming. The graphics, the storylines, and the prizes are better than ever in these slots. If you prefer using Bitcoin to make deposits and withdrawals and you like what you see in the Rival Gaming collection, Rival Bitcoin casinos make the perfect marriage between the two.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the name of a popular virtual currency - a currency that does not exist in the real world. There are no coins and no banknotes, as the currency exists only in virtual form online. That currency, however, does have value, and that value can go up or down, as we have seen in the past. It can be used to buy goods and services online from those that accept it as a currency. It is also called a cryptocurrency.

How to use Bitcoin

You use it in a similar way that you would use many other currencies and payment methods. You must hold any Bitcoins in an appropriate wallet designed for that purpose. Most casinos accepting the currency have a page of instructions guiding you through the process of depositing some of them into your casino account.

You must have a suitable wallet ready before you buy Bitcoin. You can then purchase some to put in that wallet, before using them to make deposits or buy goods and services online.

Understanding Bitcoin exchanges and wallets

A Bitcoin exchange is a marketplace. It exists online and is the place to visit if you want to buy Bitcoin. You can also sell Bitcoin at the same marketplace. Some are better known than others, so it is always best to use one that has a good track record and is known among those who deal in Bitcoin. These marketplaces also handle transactions made in other cryptocurrencies.

It is important to note that these exchanges allow Bitcoin purchases to be made in regular currencies. For example, you could buy Bitcoin using US dollars or British pounds, according to the latest exchange rate between the two.

A Bitcoin wallet is a virtual wallet in which your Bitcoin will be kept. It typically consists of a software program. Since the software is designed to work with different devices, it is important to consider which device you would use most often. For example, you can get a wallet that works with a desktop computer, or perhaps a wallet designed for mobile devices.

What are the best Rival Bitcoin casinos?

There are two types of casino you should know about associated with Bitcoin. The first is a casino based solely on that cryptocurrency and possibly with one or two (or several) others as well. These are known as cryptocurrency casinos. The second type is a Rival casino that accepts Bitcoin (and again, possibly several other virtual currencies) alongside the usual card and e-wallet options you would expect to find there.

So, the answer to the above question depends on what kind of casino you are looking for. More online casinos are realizing that players love Bitcoin casinos though, so you are more likely to find plenty of Rival Bitcoin casinos to choose from than ever before. And yes, they're all packed with many of the best Rival slots you might want to play.

Are there any mobile Rival Bitcoin casinos to try?

Yes, and most of them are simply mobile versions of casinos you might already be familiar with. Some online casinos have apps you can download from the App Store for iOS devices and from Google Play if you have an Android device. However, you can also find casinos that are optimized for all devices and therefore do not require you to download an app.

In this case, you simply visit the casino as you normally would, using whichever mobile browser you prefer. You could save the home page to your device if you wish, requiring a single tap to take you to the casino in future.

What do you need to know about a casino's Bitcoin payment terms?

Different casinos may have different payment terms, no matter which currencies or payment methods they accept. The best way to understand a casino's Bitcoin payment terms is to read the general terms and conditions, the payment processing T & Cs, and anything else that relates to the use of Bitcoin. You should also read about depositing and withdrawing, and how long such transactions take. Bitcoin transactions are usually faster than those made using traditional banking methods, so it is good to read more about that if you can.

Are there any Bitcoin bonuses to be aware of?

Yes, a Bitcoin casino is going to treat you to lots of bonuses just as a regular casino would. There might still be the chance to use a free chip when you sign up, for example. Most Bitcoin online casinos offer a welcome package too. You'll usually see this as a bonus given in mBTC rather than in a regular dollar currency.

This simply means you're going to get your bonus in Bitcoins rather than in US dollars, for instance. It should work out the same value anyway, as bonuses are still usually given in percentages, i.e. 100% of the amount you deposit. So, if you deposit one Bitcoin, you'll get one Bitcoin as a bonus.

Which Bitcoin games can you look forward to playing?

You should remember that Bitcoin is merely the method of payment you might use to get funds deposited in your casino account. That means you can expect the usual collection of games inside a Rival casino that accepts Bitcoin. Slots, table games, video poker… you name it, you're not going to miss a thing. Oftentimes, you can review the game collection before signing up anyway, so we recommend you do that before joining any Rival Bitcoin casino.

How to be safe in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world

Before using or buying Bitcoin for the first time, it is a great idea to read as much as you can about it. Digital currencies have exploded in recent years, but they can still be confusing to think about and understand when you are new to the topic. It is important to note the value of Bitcoin can go up or down, just as any other currency can.

The other good thing to remember is to find a casino you like the look of that accepts Bitcoin. Some are purely Bitcoin casinos, while others are happy to accept this alongside numerous other payment methods. It makes sense to find a casino you are going to enjoy the most, so we would advise spending some time looking for one that has a good reputation.

Understanding how Bitcoin transactions work isn't too difficult. However, we recommend reading through any guides provided at these casinos - something you tend to see a lot. Once you understand the process, you can look forward to using Bitcoin at your favorite Rival casino for the first time.