Hobo's Hoard Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Food, Fruits, Homeless
Hobo's Hoard Slots is a uniquely themed, 5 reel and 15 payline online slot machine title from casino entertainment software developer Rival Gaming. With its cartoonish, funny and colorful design, its not too shabby payout amounts, and its special features, this is a casino game to look out for and hop on to when it is your desire to have from rags to riches gambling experiences.

Scavenge for Non-Feature Symbol Items and Profits

As an opportunistic hobo, life is all about looking for great opportunities to make some extra money, and collecting valuable items that can be of use. If that is the kind of life you like to live as well, then the reels of Hobo's Hoard Slots are a good place to start scavenging for items and profits. This slot title gives you the chance to collect various non-feature symbols that trigger wins if you land them in combinations on the 5 reels and 15 paylines.

The hobo with the dollar signs in his eyes triggers the highest payout of 750 credits if you spin him in a combination of five on the screen. Other symbols that you can make wins with are the apple, the cherries, the cardboard box hobo home, the hobo's knapsack, the lemon, the orange, the pineapple, and the shopping cart. Besides these valuable non-feature symbols, this game also boast some special feature triggering icons that you can benefit from.

The Soda Pop Can Is a Hobo's Best Friend

As a cash-strapped hobo, the word “free” is definitely a magical and powerful word. When it comes to receiving free gifts, the red colored soda pop can with the word "spins" printed on it is your best friend in this slot machine game. Spin this can at least three times on the slot machine reels in order to trigger and claim ten free spins. When a free spins round starts, you will play it with the number of lines and the wager value from the game that triggered it.

Don't Ignore the Trash Can Because It Might Be a Treasure Chest

Sometimes, the most precious objects are those from which you expect it the least. A trash can will most likely not be the first thing in your mind when you think of really valuable items, but it is certainly a profitable object in this slot machine game. As a wild icon, this symbol not only substitutes all other symbols in the game (except the bonus and scatter symbols), but it also delivers the game's jackpot reward of 7500 credits if you spin it into a five piece combination.

Work the Crowd to Trigger a Bonus Round

A crowd of people is always a welcome sight for a hobo, because that means there is a good opportunity to collect some extra coins. In Hobo's Hoard Slots, that opportunity presents itself as well in the form of a special bonus icon that displays a small group of people. Spin this icon at least three times on the reels in order to activate the bonus round.

Have a Unique and Enriching Hobo Experience on the Virtual Screen

Hobo's are always on the lookout for new cash making opportunities, and sometimes, when they are really lucky, they hit the jackpot. Hobo's Hoard Slots provides such an opportunity to test your luck and strike gold. Besides that, it also provides a lot of fun spinning adventures. You might find that the most important aspect, because in the end, being a wandering hobo is a unique lifestyle that one often chooses to undergo for the experience.

If you are looking to have such an experience, then you don’t have to go out and wander the lands, because this casino game gives you the unique chance to have your very own opportunistic hobo adventure on the virtual screen. Release your inner hobo and then grab your knapsack and your boots, because it is time to hop on the spinning reels and play this amusing slot machine game at Rival powered casino websites.