Five Times Wins Slots

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3-reel, classic
Classic Slot Symbols
It does not hurt to go back to the basics sometimes. That must have been the idea behind the creation of Rival Gaming's Five Times Wins Slots classic online slot machine. If you've ever been to Las Vegas in the old days before the internet, then this no nonsense and easy to play game can give you strong feelings of nostalgia and a longing to the time when things seemed to be less complicated. And less complicated is exactly what you get when you play this game. It is a perfect entertainment option for if you are a minimalistic slot game player. This title has no fancy 3D animations, no progressive jackpot reward, no scatter icons, no free spins offers and no bonus rounds.

There is, of course, a place for all of these benefits, but it is not what Rival Gaming was aiming for when it developed this game. With this slot, you get three reels, three rows, one to three payline options, a bunch of classic slot symbols, and a multiplier wild icon to give you at least something special to look out for while playing.

That is about all that this game has to offer, which might sound a bit negative, but there are a lot of people who actually like to play these kind of simple games, think new slot machine fans or players from the old days, so it is more a question of taste. This game has found its spot in a specific niche of the online casino entertainment market, and it is ready to give new and experienced players a good time.

Take Advantage of the Lack of Features

A lack of special features might seem like a disadvantage at first, but it can actually be an advantage. Since there are no distractions from fun but time consuming bonus rounds that take you away from what you actually came to do, which is hitting that spin button in order to make wins, you will be able to make a lot more spins in a shorter amount of time.

More spins means that you create more opportunities to win lucrative rewards. So, although bonus features can give big wins occasionally, with Five times Wins Slots you might be able to have a steady stream of decent wins instead of a big one once in a while. And the cash prizes that this game is giving away aren't even that shabby, especially if make a win with the 5x icon, which is both the highest paying paytable symbol, the wild and a multiplier trigger.

Benefit from the Three Coin Bet System

As mentioned above, things will look good when the 5x symbol starts to appear on the slot reels. Not only does it function as a wild and a multiplier, but you can win a 5000 credit prize with it if you line it up in a row of three during a three coin bet. The three coin bet is definitely what you need to go for while playing this game. The paytable rewards are not very big when you bet with just one coin, but you can triple these rewards when you play with three coins. It is definitely worth it to make that extra investment so that you can make better wins.

And with the classic three reel, three row, and one to three payline setup, you don't have to worry so much that your 3 coin wagers will get out of hand. This is why a classic slot is such a great place to start when you are new to slot machines and/or want to play with a low budget. You will not break the bank because of lots of gambling options that tempt you to make bigger and more daring bets, and the quicker spinning speed makes sure that your bankroll receives a stream of smaller but more consistent stream of wins.

Classic Symbols That Deliver the Wins

Besides the already mentioned 5x icon, you can also make that consistent stream of wins with a couple of other symbols that will look familiar if you're a classic slot title fan or a player from the old days. The red seven is the second highest paying icon on the game's paytable. It is able to give you a top, 3 coin spin reward of 150 credits. The seven icon is also present on the reels in the color green with a top prize of 120 credits, and in the color blue with a top prize of 90 credits. Then there are the red triple bar symbol with its maximum prize of 60 credits, the green, double bar attribute with its maximum reward of 45 credits, and the blue colored single bar attribute with its 30 credit top reward.

Moving to the next item on the list, we will see the cherries with their 15 credit maximum prize. The last two spinning combination options have a mixed symbol structure. Place the three color sevens on the reels in any particular order during a three coin bet and you will receive 15 credits. Place the three different bar attributes on the reels in any particular order during a three coin bet and you will make a win of three credits.

Playing Five Times Wins Slots Is a No-Brainer

Sometimes it can feel relaxing to do uncomplicated things without having to think too much about your actions and strategies. And if the reward for having such a relaxing time comes in the form of some extra coins in your pockets, then it is a no-brainer when you are presented with the option to give Five Times Wins Slots a try. This classic little slot title is available at online casino platforms that work together with Rival Gaming to make sure that you have a good time. Make sure that you claim that good time and the potential bankroll increasing profits that come along with it.