Big Cash Win Slots

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3-reel, classic
Classic Slot Symbols
If there is one thing we all shoot for when we choose a slot game to play, it’s a big cash win. That may not always happen though, which is why we think it is vital to choose a slot you know you are going to enjoy playing.

So, does the Big Cash Win slot fit that category? Yes, that is the name, so does it live up to its bold title? Let’s see what this Rival Gaming title can offer us.

Formatting of reels and paylines

There are just three reels here, each edged in gold. You will notice there is only one payline spread across the center of those reels.

Potential wagers

You get the chance to play either one or two coins on the line on every spin here.

Big Cash Win special symbols

This isn’t a penny slot, but you can still play from 10 cents per coin. The biggest coin value is $25, making the top bet $50 if you play both coins.

Bonus possibilities

Well, there isn’t much on offer here, as you might guess from a three-reel slot. You can see various things appearing on the reels. There are cherries for the smallest prize whenever one appears on the reels. You can also win if the logo appears somewhere.

The logo is the key to winning the jackpot. Three must appear across the payline for this to happen. If you manage that, you will get either 750 or 2,000 coins for betting one or two coins on the line.

That’s important to note, because it is worth betting two coins to give yourself a chance of the bigger jackpot. All other prizes are double the value you would win for a one-coin bet. Only the jackpot is much bigger. The odds might be long, but you would want the best shot at the biggest prize, right? You need only wager the smallest coin value too, if that suits your budget.

Download and play the Big Cash Win slot today

Big Cash Win doesn’t have the biggest cash prize we have ever seen. However, it is still a nice prize to aim for if you are feeling lucky. If your budget can stand the higher minimum coin value, Big Cash Win might be a good slot to look at more closely if you are in the mood.