Milk the Cash Cow Slots

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3-reel, classic
The Cash Cow has to be milked. Otherwise, the milk will go to waste, and that would be a real shame, especially if the milk is gold! You merely have to Milk the Cash Cow and reap the benefits of the harvest that has been sown. Milk the Cash Cow is a 3-Reel, single pay line slot. It keeps the game flow pure and straightforward, with a touch of excitement and hot thrills that add an atmospheric mood to the game. Milk the Cash Cow for the golden milk.

How to Milk the Cash Cow

As you log in and come face to face with the game, beyond the reels, the background shows us a sexy farm girl in a big hat, milking a cow for the golden milk. The surprised looking cow seems to be enjoying herself! The only way to milk her correctly is to understand the game flow and symbols.

Cash Cow Symbols & Payouts

Lots of engaging symbols grace the game. You get the stack of cash, and if it lands on the reels, you win coins. Landing two of them gets you triple the number of coins. The Bar symbol can also gain coins, mainly if you get the three Bars, as the payout can be up to 24 coins, depending on your initial bet. Landing two Bar symbols win you 30 coins, and four of them win you 60 coins. If you land three stacks of cash, you will win 75 coins. The buckets of gold symbols can win you a cool 90 coins if you land three of them. As you spin the reels, you will hear the distant sound of cows mooing, which will help relax you during the wagering process.

Cash Cow Bonuses

The Wild Cow symbol, when spun adds a melodic moo, which signals and heralds a coin win. When you spin 3 Milk the Cash Cow Wild symbols, you will win a high payout of 10,000 coins, if you are betting the maximum of three coins. Betting 2 coins win you 4,000, and betting just one coin attracts a 2,000 coin win. Since there is just one pay line, the only choices you’ll have to make is whether to bet 1, 2 or 3 coins. With coin values ranging from $0.01, increasing to $10 per coin, the cash winnings can be extremely high when betting maximum coin values, and maximum coins; which is three. With the chance of landing the Wild, there is a chance of trebling your win.


Milk the Cash Cow is just one in a series of high quality, 3-reel slot games that have found their way onto the game market. This particular one; Milk the Cash Cow, is among the very best you can find anywhere. The single pay line, lack of distracting features, and severe chances of high payouts, the game has already attracted a legion of followers. The most senior payout is a reality, and at 10,000 coins, possibly trebled, with $10 per coin creates a lucrative payout by anyone’s standards. If you only try one 3-reel slot this year, make sure you try Milk the Cash Cow slots, it is one of the best, and pays out handsomely. Start milking boys.